Locations where to buy postage stamps outside the post office.

Often times, we are faced with the problem of where to buy stamps or places where we can buy postage stamps outside the post office for so many reasons.

Some of which are to send postcards and mails, and others just for the love of postage stamps collecting.

where to buy stamps near me?  A guide to where you can buy stamps near you.
where to buy stamps near me? A guide to where you can buy stamps near you.

Whatever the case might be, luckily, we have taken the time to research and put together this guide on locations where you can buy stamps outside the post office.

If you find yourself searching for where to buy stamps or probably, where can I buy stamps near me, then this guide will be of a great help to you.

Obviously, the best places to buy stamps are post offices as you will always get the stamps from post office. other places includes CVS, Rite aid, and Walmart. Additionally some reputable banks and check cashing places such as TD Bank as well as Bank of America are also part of those who sells stamps.

Not to forget, If you want to buy Stamps Online for convenience, then your best bet is to get it from the USPS post office website or a reputable online platform like Amazon.

A Map to Locate Where you Can Buy Stamps Near you.

Places where you can buy stamps near you.

Where can i buy stamps? A guide to where you can buy stamps in the USA.

1. Online Retailers: Amazon and USPS Online Sells Stamps.

Buy stamps from online retailers.
Amazon sells stamps.

If you want to Buy Stamps Online you can always buy it from online E-commerce stores such as Amazon.com and the official US mail service USPS website. The only problem with E-commerce sites is they don’t sell stamps in single piece, so you will need to buy a single sheet and get it delivered to you in 1-2days. If you are not in hurry then Amazon is the best place to buy stamps online. Also this our guide on Where to Buy stamps is complete resource you need. Recommended by Postage HQ.


2. United States Postal Service Local or USPS Website Sells stamps.

you can Buy stamps from the United states postal service.
USPS sells stamps.

Not much to say about this or do you need any convincing here. One very good and yea, best place to buy stamps is the united states postal service (USPS). You can go over to their website here and order as many stamps as you want.

A brief History
The United States Postal Service, commonly and shortly refered to as USPS, has been around since 1995 when it was named U.S. Mail. Then very first postmaster general of the U.S. Mail was Benjamin Franklin! Today, it is much easier and possible to buy stamps from brick-and-mortar post offices or via The Postal Store itself.


3. Well Known Pharmacies.

Are pharmacies not supposed to be based on drugs? yes, we know, but the thing is, pharmacies are not only limited to just selling food and drugs,. You can also order genuine postage stamps from one of these well known ones like Walgreens, RiteAid and CVS. They should be able to help you as they stock a wide variety of stamps.


4. Banks and other Financial Institutions.

Bank sells stamps.
You can buy stamps from banks.

One drawback to getting or buying a stamp from a bank is the opening hours of the bank, as they are not always guaranteed for up-time. Outside that, you can also get good stamps from almost every bank these days. Some major banks that are guaranteed to have are TD banks or Bank Of America


5. Walmart and Other Grocery Stores.

Virtually almost every town or city has a Walmart store. And yes, you can buy stamps from the Walmart store near you. The good news is , Walmart is guaranteed to always be open, so you do not have time limitations as compared to buying from the bank. Another good thing about buying from Walmart or any other major grocery store is: if you also need materials such as writing paper, an envelope and maybe some wrapping paper, this is the place where you can get it. SEE: Walmart stores near me


6. Gas Stations.

you can buy stamps from gas stations near you.
you can buy stamps from gas stations near you.
Gas stations are better than banks when it comes to buying postage stamps and mailing orders. The reason is not far from reality as they are always open since they are serving gas to users on a regular base. Their up-time is more guaranteed than that of the banks.

Unfortunately, not all gas stations sell stamps, but most of the big guys do. Gas stations are another extremely convenient place to purchase postage stamps. While most of them carry stamps behind the counter, others don’t. You will have to ask the clerk if you’d like to buy.


7. You can buy Stamps From ATMS Centers.

The new trend now in the money industry is adding other valuable services and things money can buy. Why not? its all to make more money while offering services. This is a relatively new development spreading fast and catching up with other sectors.

While you can buy stamps at many of the newer ATM’s, not all of them have stamps available. JUST TO NOTE: many of the ATM’s that do sell stamps as part of their service are most likely to be found on the west coast.


8. Bookstores and Office Supply Stores sells stamps.

Where else can you get stamps near you if it is not in the bookshop or the nearest staples and office supplies stores near you. This list will not be complete if we have not included this last one. SEE: Staples near me

Office Supplies.
Although this is coming late to this industry, most office retail suppliers now sell stamps. After all, they have been selling the materials for mailing out things for years, so it’s really just an obvious progression. You can try Office Depot, Staples and Office Max for a start.


9. UPS Stores.

All UPS Stores provide and sells postage stamps, either by the book of 20 or individually. To make it simpler, they also offer already stamped envelopes. If you choose to buy stamps from a UPS store, you have to make sure it is not a package center, as these are reserved for sorting and placing mailing orders handled by corporate accounts. It must be a smaller UPS Store for it to offer postage stamps to the general public.

Hours of Operation: Most UPS stores are opened by 8am and normally close at 6 or 7pm throughout the five working days, Monday to Friday. Saturday hours are usually determined by location.

Mailing Supplies: In a UPS store, you will find the full range of mailing and packaging supplies. Cardboard boxes, envelopes, stationary, cards, packing popcorn, packaging tape and courier services. In addition, you can even have your mail delivered general delivery, which is helpful if you are on an extended vacation and needs a temporary delivery address for important mail.


10. You can buy stamps from Staples.

It is not surprising to see staples putting the full stop on this list of places and locations where to buy postage stamps around you as a majority of office retail suppliers and stationery stores sell stamps. This is also the case for the larger chain stores like Staples.

One spectacular thing about visiting the staples to buy stamps is the fact that you can also purchase any other related items such as printers, envelops, pencils, pens, and other stamp collecting supplies. Also, you can pick out other school and office supplies as well. Now you can head over to find a staples near you where you can buy postage stamps from.


Postage Stamps History.

Postage stamps (post office stamps) as you probably already may know are a part of Americans great history.

Even though they are very popular, many people still search for where can i buy stamps , who sells stamps, and where to buy stamps near me respectively. Hence, we have put together this guide on where to buy postage stamps + books and listed places where stamps are available to buy.

Stamps can be dated back to 1847, when Congress authorized the production of postage stamps for usage across America. Despite an increasingly digital world, Postage stamps are still very popular with USA, UK, Canada etc residents. The good part is they are self-adhesive, so you won’t have to lick them before sticking them to your letters!

Comparison Chart with the operating hours of other locations where you can buy postage stamps.

LocationsTypeOpen Hours
AmazonOnline retailerAlways 24Hrs
USPSPost Office8am - 8pm
StaplesCopy Centre8am - 9pm
Banks and ATMsTD Bank and Bank of America8am - 6pm
Walmart and Other Grocery StoresRetailer8am - 10pm
PharmaciesRite-Aid, Walgreen and CVSFrom 8am - 7pm
Bookstores and Office SuppliesRetailers8am - 8pm
Package Delivery CentresUPS, FedEx Copy Centres8am - 8pm and 8am - 10pm

As you have seen above, we have collectively put together this page to help you locate the best places where you can buy stamps and other postage services for your mails, so as to eliminate problems like “where can i buy stamps near me”. Most of these are convenient known retailers and pharmacy, you may also want to find a CVS near me, a post office near me, a Staples near me, and probably a UPS store near me.

Now you know where to buy stamps in locations near you, you might also want to know what the rarest and most valuable stamps are.

Frequently Asked Questions On Buying Stamps.

Here are the answers to some possible questions about buying stamps.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Stamps in 2018?

Here is How much it costs to buy postage stamps today:
For Domestic Mailing – cost an average range from $0.30 to $0.90. Each additional ounce will cost $0.21.
For Domestic Shipping – for flat rate envelopes and packages the price could reach up to $22.


It is no longer news that as new technology and digitization is rapidly spreading, the demand for postage stamps have considerably reduced compared to the older days where it used to be the only solution for sending mails. All thanks to the rise of the faster, more efficient electronic mailing system which as a result has made postage stamps somehow more expensive.


Where can I buy stamps from home?

The best place where to buy stamps from home while keeping comfort in mind is using the internet. The question of where can i buy stamps from my home has gotten easier over the years with the advent of internet technology. Using retailers like amazon or buying direct from the usps website will do.


How Do you buy a Good Stamp?

If you have been searching for a how to buy stamp online or offline video, then here is a video guide on how to buy good stamps.

the above video shows you how you can buy genuine stamps. If you do not understand it, either ways, you can trust this list and visit any of the mentioned places where you can buy stamps near you, you will surely get a postage stamp to use for your mailing or other activity.


Why Do I Need a Postage Stamp?

The reason why you need to buy stamps and use the postage stamp is simple – It’s to make sure your parcel reaches its destination and gets delivered to the recipient. The stamps serves as the monetary system of the mailing system. With the postage stamp and of course postmark, it is a guarantee to the postmaster that you have paid the required fees for your order. Whenever you need to send out a mail postcard or wishes to your friends while on vacation, a postage stamp is also required.

Also, you need a postage stamp on your mail for proper delivery understanding. That is, to understand what type of delivery is to be done on your mail and to what location as well as the function of your mail (if it is a government or a military mail, or just a regular mail.

When next you search for where can i buy stamps , places to buy stamps near me, stamps near me or where to buy stamps near me, as you might already know “The higher, the better” An expensive stamp can fasten your mail to reach its destination in less time compared to the other cheap stamps available.


Am I saving money buying stamps in bulk?

Postage stamps are not typically sold at a discounted rate, no matter where you are sourcing or buying them from. Most businesses offer stamps to customers for convenience purposes and a great customer service. They are not making any real profit off of their sale.

Buying an entire book of stamps is not practical if you only use one or two a year. The best reason to have them with you always is to avoid asking questions such as where to buy stamps or where can i buy stamps near me in an area you know nothing about. (for those used to postage mailing).


Does CVS Sell Stamps?

This question can be traced to doubts many people have as to whether CVS sells stamps or not. The answer is Yes! they do sell stamps but mostly in bundle or in book, It is advisable that you first call a CVS store before you head to the closest CVS store store near you. You can Read more about CVS Stamps here


Does Walgreens sell Stamps?

Walgreens popularly known as the giant pharmacy store also sell stamps. You just have to visit any Walgreens in your location and ask for a stamp to the cashier.


Does Target Sell Stamps?

Yes, they do sell stamps but not all Target stores. It is generally advisable to contact the store and ask for the stamps before visiting the desired Target store.

There are more than 48,000 locations where to buy stamps across United States and people who sells stamps. You can visit any of the places listed above to get the stamps.

In Conclusion:
When it involves buying stamps, the prices are more or less all the same, so you won’t make any significant savings stressing yourself going from one place to another. It’s all about convenience, Honestly.

If the Post Office is shut, then Walmart is probably your best bet. If your local Walmart is closed, try a gas station, or your local grocery store. Whatever the case may be, it obviously becomes easier to buy postage stamps near you.

We hope you found this guide on where can i buy stamps near me or as you may further want to put it, where to buy buy postage stamps near me useful. So the next time you search or see anyone searching for who sells stamps, where to buy stamps or us postage stamps, just refer them to this page as there’s now no reason you can’t buy postage stamps whenever you feel like from the closest store near you. you can also learn more about postagehq.



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